How much does it cost? Let's go there.

But first you'll need to know how our pricing works and what options you're going with.

NetPS is a database-driven web technology hosted by Northscaping and which resides on our web server. You pay an annual license fee (much like a subscription service) to link the tool to your website, and we run it for you. The advantages of this "hosted application" model are enormous for you; it amortizes the cost of the tool over decades, and updates to the technology are automatic. At the end of each year's term, you can either renew the service for another year, or if you're not happy for any reason, you simply don't bother renewing it and that's that. In fact, we have to work to earn your renewal every year, which puts you in the driver’s seat. Yes, it's a bit of a gamble for us, but we're betting that you'll be using this service for a long time to come - your happy customers will see to that!

Here are the options.

First, you'll need to chose a Base Package, which is tailored to fit the types of plants you want included in your Plant Finder (typically the same as those you sell at your store). There are two to packages to choose from:

Standard Package

+ standard package

The standard package covers all plants in the database, which includes trees, shrubs, vines, annuals, perennials, fruits, vegetables, herbs, houseplants and special-category plants such as aquatics, palms, bamboo and bananas. This package is best suited for most average full-service nurseries and garden centers.

Greenhouse Package

+ greenhouse package

The greenhouse package consists of only annuals and perennials (including ground covers, roses, ornamental grasses, ferns and aquatics) plus vegetables, herbs and houseplants. This reduced package is ideal for smaller seasonal greenhouses that don't offer much in the way of trees, shrubs, fruits or specialty plants.

Regardless of what package you start with, everyone gets the following:

  • Search Page with keyword search, plant category filter and 8-parameter search
  • Results Page with summarized plant descriptions and thumbnail photos
  • Plant Information Pages with detailed descriptions and 1-3 full-sized indicative photos
  • seamless integration into your existing website
  • customized to only show the plants that you carry
  • individual plants can be tagged as "special order"
  • built-in handlers for hot and cold climates
  • printer-friendly pages customized to your brand
  • powerful marketing tools like plant promotions and "New For 20XX"
  • mobile-friendly responsive design for mobile devices
  • built-in SEO (search engine optimization)
  • basic automated "ready-to-print" POP signage maker
  • full QR code support with auto-generation of codes
  • access to all Northscaping photos for as long as you remain a client

Note that there is also a one-time setup and integration fee on top of the Base Package price, which covers our costs for setting up your account and getting the Plant Finder tool up and running on your website. However, this charge is for the first year only and goes away after that.

After you have chosen your Base Package, the next thing you'll do is select any of the following options to build the Plant Finder tool that fits your needs and budget:

myPlants Plant List Option

+ myPlants plant list

Almost all of our clients purchase the "myPlants" plant list feature, which lets your customers build their own personal plant lists from the plants you carry, which they can then print out on their home computers and bring into the store to see the plants or place an order – the key objective here is to use these lists to ultimately draw customers into your store.

  • enables your customers to create their own personal lists from the plants that you carry
  • available in "Wish List" format with thumbnail photo and quick info or "Invoice-Style" format for taking orders
  • lists are automatically saved on users' computers
  • individual plant quantities can be set for developing garden or landscape plans
  • printer-friendly page can be customized to your brand
Advanced Search Option

+ advanced search

About 90% of our clients go with the Advanced Search option, which offers users more in-depth and visual ways to find the plants they're looking for. Those looking for quick access will find what they need from the starting page, while those who want more detailed searching options can click through to an "Advanced Search" form that is tailored to the category being searched.

  • highly visual "Search By Category" interface lets users customize their searches or view all plants in that category
  • each category features an iconic plant photo to give users a visual indication of the plants in that category
  • up to 3 custom plant categories and custom sort order
  • enhanced "Color Picker" tool expands range to 62 different colors and 6 color-based search fields
  • "color proximity search" scores similar colors, a feat which not even Google can match!
Plant Data Customization Option

+ plant data customization

About 25% of our clients (mostly larger garden centers) purchase the Plant Data Customization feature, which lets you go in and customize up to 75 fields of data in each and every plant in the database. So for example, if you don't agree with the hardiness rating we've assigned for a plant, or its height, or comments, etc., you can customize it plant-by-plant. All of this is done through a user-friendly "back-end" utility in your Plant Manager.

  • your custom plant data is unique to your account and will only show on your plant finder
  • custom plant information affects both search results and plant pages
  • add your own custom field and header to plant pages
  • "Buy Now" button links plant information pages to corresponding product pages in your online store
  • upload your own plant photos to complement or replace the NetPS photos
Data Link Toolkit Option

+ data link toolkit

>> The Data Link Toolkit has now been superseded by the NetPS Plus service for e-Commerce.

Now that you've determined which options you're going with, scroll down to find the prices!

Amazing Fact #3:

Options And Pricing

Connect Your Plant Finder To Your Online Store

You can use your NetPS Plant Library or Plant Finder tool to drive customers to your online store! Here's how it works.

If a customer finds a plant that they like in your Plant Library while doing their research and you also sell it in your online store, they can click on a "Buy Now" button on the plant information page which will take them to the corresponding product page in your online store, so that they can immediately purchase the plant. This feature is available through the Plant Data Customization (PDC) utility and requires you to edit each linked plant to provide the necessary information.

It's easy to set up and it's very intuitive to use!

Here are the prices.

Base Package

Pick one:

Standard Package
Greenhouse Package


Include this in your first year costs:

Setup & Integration Fee
(one-time only)


Pick as many as you'd like:

myPlants Plant List
Advanced Search
Plant Data Customization

*Prices do not include taxes where applicable.

Note that by using the NetPS Plant Finder tool on your website, you agree to be bound by our Terms And Conditions.

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