NetPS Plus

You need content for your online store.

You sell thousands of plant varieties. This is your advantage over the box stores and your competition, but it makes it challenging for you to compile the necessary content to properly market these plants in your online store. You'll have to source and obtain the legal rights to thousands of plant photographs, write countless compelling plant descriptions, and compile accurate plant information for every plant variety in your store. And you'll have to do this each and every year for the new varieties that you carry.

There is an easier way - NetPS Plus!

NetPS Plus grants you a license to use the photos and plant information from the NetPS Plant Finder tool in your online store or in other commercial applications.* You'll gain access to the world-famous catalog of 100,000+ NetPS plant photographs, and you won't have to worry about copyright issues because we own 99% of these photos! You'll also gain access to the plant descriptions and detailed plant information in the NetPS Plant Database, the largest online commercial plant database in the world. This database, which has been the industry standard since 2004, was compiled by horticultural experts and has been vetted by years of operation and hundreds of millions of users. And last but not least, you'll get a Plant Library as an information resource for your website!

*The NetPS Plus license agreement expressly prohibits clients from redistributing or reauthorizing the use of the photos and data to third parties (i.e. you can't authorize others to use the photos and plant information, and you can't package them into a technology that you in turn sell to other users).

Here's what you get for 30,000+ plants:

And a whole lot more!

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