NetPS Plus was designed for e-Commerce.

NetPS Plus

When entering plants as products into an online store, you will need compelling photographs of the plants doing their thing, since your customers are primarily visual. You will need plant descriptions that market the plants to your customers, and you'll need key facts about the plants that are important to the buying decision, such as height, flower color, hardiness, sunlight and moisture preferences. And you will need all of the above for EVERY plant that you add to your online store. This is what you get with NetPS Plus!

Data Set

+ rich data set

The NetPS Plus data set is based on the NetPS Plant Database. You'll get access to all 33,000 plants in the database, and you select the plants to put in your online store. The data set itself is transmitted as a universal CSV file, and can be tailored to support batch product uploads into most popular e-Commerce systems. Your e-Commerce integrator or web developer will work with you to determine the data fields required to populate your store's product page template, merge them with other required fields from your POS (e.g. sizes, prices, SKUs), and generate a master file that can then be uploaded into your online store.

Plant Photos

+ plant photos

With NetPS Plus, you get access to the 100,000+ plant photographs in the NetPS Plant Finder tool for use in your online store. They are hosted online on our web server in multiple sizes, and URLs are provided in the data set. This means that you can leverage the batch upload utilities in most e-Commerce platforms to upload them to your online store without needing to download them individually to a local computer. They are also available for individual download through the NetPS Account Manager utility, including large web-ready pre-cropped squares and print resolution sizes.


+ e-Comm filters

The NetPS Plus data set includes a number of enhanced data fields, which serve two functions. First, they configure a number of key fields as "filters" for direct use in e-Commerce systems, so that users can filter down selections by major criteria such as flower color or plant category. Secondly, they pre-process much of the information found on the NetPS Plant Finder's plant information pages into a discrete presentation-ready format, allowing you to select the level of plant information that you wish to present on your e-Commerce system while giving you full control over its layout and formatting.

Plant Library

+ plant info resource

You have the option to link directly from your e-Commerce product pages to the respective plant information pages in your Plant Library. So instead of packing too much information into a product page such that it becomes overwhelming to customers, you can keep the information in the online store short and sweet; just what is needed to close the deal. You can then provide a link to your Plant Library, saying something like "Click here for more detailed information on this plant!" And you can also link the plant information pages in your Plant Library to the corresponding product pages in your online store with the "Buy Now" button. It's cross-promotion at its best!

Next, let's look at the many ways of exporting the data set to your local computer.

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